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Syria, Isis at Deir Ezzor is left with only two pockets of resistance

Isis lost Rawdah and the Middle Euprates Valley (MERV) along the border between Syria and Iraq. Therefore the Islamic State at Deir Ezzor is now closed in only two areas

Isis at Deir Ezzor is left with only two pockets of resistance. The first is between Hajin and Harse east of the Euphrates and the second is in the west in the Badia desert. The SDF of the operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) have chased the militiamen of the Islamic State from Rawdah and all of the Middle Euphrates Valley (MERV) along the border with Iraq. They were able to do so also thanks to the support of the ISF of Baghdad and of the International Coalition. In a very short time the Arab-Kurdish force advanced 60 kilometers, gradually taking land away from Daesh. Furthermore, in the liberated areas medical and educational services were made available immediately. In the area there are still a few hotbeds of jihadists, which will be eliminated in the following days with ad hoc maneuvers.

The SDF are preparing the final offensive against Daesh at Hajin. Meanwhile, the Islamic State is in complete chaos

In the meantime the final offensive against Isis is being prepared: at Hajin. The SDF are receiving reinforcements and supplies, while the air fighters of Inherent Resolve and of Iraq are continuing to bombard the area to weaken the defensive lines of the Islamic State. The latter is, however, in the most complete chaos. The militiamen are fighting against each other so that inside Daesh there are many clashes and executions. Not only for the defections, due to the fact that more and more jihadists try to escape from those hot areas. But also for differences of opinion, irrespective of rank or weight inside the formation. This is amplified by the lack of resources – the terrorists have not been paid their salaries for months – and by the shortage of drugs, which were used to control the fighters. But which instead continue to be confiscated by the enemy before they reach their destination.

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