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Syria, is Turkey preparing to attack the SAA in Idlib?

Fears of a surprise offensive by Turkey against the Syrian army (SAA) in Idlib are growing. The excuse: the fight against the militias. The epicenter could be Zawiya, just heavily reinforced by Ankara

Turkey could soon launch a surprise offensive against the Syrian army (SAA) in Idlib. Several representatives of the Damascus government and international analysts fear it. In support of this thesis, the demobilization of several obervation posts in Aleppo and surrounding areas, as well as the parallel military build up of Ankara in Zawiya, a few kilometers from the front line of the SAA, is cited. The army, in fact, is engaged in an operation to conquer Barah. To these elements are also added the imminent reinforcements to the TAF, arrived in recent days in the province and sent right in the quadrant. In addition, there have been anomalous patrols by the Turkish military (solo) in the southern section of the M4 up to Latakia. The only brake remains the agreement with Russia, but the situation could change rapidly under the excuse of fighting the militias. Especially after there will no longer be a TAF soldier in the territory controlled by the Syrian government.

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