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Syria, internal clashes between pro-Turkey militias in the North intensify

Internal clashes between pro-Turkish militias in northern Syria intensify. Afrin and Sere Kanye are the epicenter. The military build-up in the area and the few resources increase the nervousness of the factions, even towards their allies

In northern Syria, internal clashes between pro-Turkey militias continue for control of the territory and the resources it offers. The latest in chronological order took place just a few hours ago in the Afrin area with a battle between local factions. In addition, there was a raid on the al-Amshat headquarters, accused by other formations of selling drugs to finance themselves. A few days ago there was another shooting near the Ras al-Ain silos (Sere Kanye), involving some entities of the al-Hamzah Division. The situation in the quadrant is rapidly degenerating. On the one hand, there is the military build-up that pits the militias and the TAF against the SDF and the SAA. On the other hand, the chronic lack of resources following the cuts made by Ankara makes the guerrillas increasingly nervous and aggressive, even towards their allies.

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