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Syria, heavy raids against Isis at Deir Ezzor in anticipation of the maneuvers at Hajin

In Syria the whole area between Hajin and Harse at Deir Ezzor is constantly and continuously under air attacks. The objective is to prevent and block any move of Isis. Meanwhile the SDF are tightening the circle around the Daesh stronghold

In Syria heavy bombarding is going on against Isis in the area between Hajin and Harse at Deir Ezzor. The air fighters of the International Coalition are preparing an imminent ground offensive of the SDF of the Operation Round Up. The Arab-Kurdish troops will as soon as possible launch an invasion of this area, one of the last controlled by the Islamic State. This is one of three areas left in the middle eastern country and the only one east of the Euphrates. Meanwhile the circle around the last great stronghold of Daesh in the area is tightening. The objective is to stop the jihadists from escaping and reorganize their defenses. This is the reason for the continuous and constant air raids of Inherent Resolve on the quadrant. In parallel, also ground screenings are carried out to stop defectors, who mix with the population. Both to flee from the area and to carry out suicide attacks, by blowing themselves up among civilians.

The Syrian army (SAA) definitively defeats the Islamic State at the Yarmouk Basin. Isis is locked in at Suweida. As soon as the campaign at Latakia and Idlib is over, the soldiers of SAA will start attacking Daesh

In the south west of Syria the army of Damascus (SAA) has definitively taken back from Isis the area of Yarmouk Basin, at Quneitra. The Islamic State has lost in the past hours its last stronghold in the area, the village of Qusir and, following an agreement with the regime, about a hundred of the militiamen who had survived left the quadrant on busses to go to Suweida. Here, in fact, were concentrated the highest number of Daesh jihadists, escaped from Deir Ezzor as well as from the west of the Badia desert. The terrorists are trying to extend their control over the land, but after a first moment of uncertainty the SAA reacted and barricaded the nearby villages. Consequently, also this pocket of resistance of the fundamentalists was isolated and surrounded like the others. Most probably the soldiers will attack here, after they have concluded the campaign of Latakia and Idlib (their next target).

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