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Syria, for Isis the battle against the SDF at Rawdah will be decisive

Isis is fighting against the Operation Round Up the decisive battle from the ideological point of view at Rawdah. It is believed that the prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam, was buried here

The battle held at Deir Ezzor between the Operation Round Up (Jazeera Storm) and Isis at Rawdah is crucial. Particularly for the morale of the Islamic State. The area is in fact the place where the body if Muhammad, founder of Islam, is buried. The loss of this area, therefore, would be a hard blow from which the Islamic State would recover with difficulty. Once the Arab-Kurdish forces have won this battle, they can concentrate on the final battle against the militiamen. The pocket of resistance at Hajin is the last one left in the whole area at the east of the Euphrates in the province. The only ones left now are those of Abu Kamal (Al Bukamal), in the Badyia (Badia) desert and, perhaps, the one of southern Quneitra, at the west of Daraa. This is not sure, however, since the Syrian army (SAA) launched a mass land and air offensive in the area, to eliminate the terrorists along the border with Jordan and Israel.

The Islamic State is being highly pressed also in southern Quneitra, west of Daraa. A land and air offensive of the Syrian army (SAA) is going on to eliminate Daesh from the quadrant

Damascus, actually, is attacking Isis in the area of Quneitra along two axes, the eastern one with the invasion of the Yarmouk Basin and the northern one from Ghadir al-Bustan. The objective is to converge, as fast as possible, on the ex stronghold of the Islamic State at Tasil, which is now under the pressing of continuous air raids. Afterwards, the Syrian army will go down south towards Shabraq, Nafi’ah, Saham al Jawlan and Ash Shajarah. And finally, the SAA will hit Daesh’s last safe place in the quadrant, Hayt (Heet), close to the border between Syria and Jordan. On the other side of the border the security has already been strengthened, in order to leave no space for the jihadists to attempt escapes. These are, for now, concentrated mainly at Deir Ezzor as the Operation Round Up is progressing and occur principally in the area of Hajin, as confirmed by the last arrests of defectors carried out by the SDF.

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