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Sirya, new batch of militias is arriving in Afrin. War with Turkey is closer

New groups of pro Assad militias are arriving in Afrin, while Turkish artillery bombs the areas

A new batch of Syrian militias pro-Assad is arriving in Afrin via Ziyarah crossing, while Turkish artillery is bombing the linking road and reconnaissance drones of Olive Branch fly overhead. It’s the second convoy of sciite paramilitary forces that is reaching the region t help kurds against Ankara offensive. The first arrived yesterday in the same situation. Some media reported that the troops retreated after the intense fire by Turkish artillery, but it was a fake news. The convoy arrived safely in the city and the force started deploying to defend it. Moreover, another group of pro-Assad militias have arrived to the Jinderes front. They call themselves “Popular Forces” and they told that they came to fight “Ottoman Turkey”. The Ankara answer has been an airstrike in the center of the city.

The official war between Syria and Turkey could start in Jinderes

The official war between Syria and Turkey could start in Jinderes, thanks of a possible battle involving paramilitary forces and the Ankara troops in Afrin region. Olive Branch soldiers just some hours ago took control over Tal Sallour in south of the city and are approaching it. So far though there hasn’t been any face to face between the two groups. The options for Ankara troops in the area are two: Encircle the center to increase preassure on the kurds, without any confrontation with Popular Forces, or attack it. In this case the war between Turkey and Syria will be made near official, as the militias are strictly related with Bashar Assad.


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