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Iraq, 10 women of Islamic State sentenced to life and 2 to death

Iraq starts convicting female Islamic State members: 10 to life sentence and 2 to death

The central criminal court of Iraq has sentenced ten women, who belonged to Islamic State members, to life and a Turkish IS female member to death penalty. In a statement, Abdul Satar Bayraqdar, spokesperson for the High Judicial Council, said The Central Criminal Court in Baghdad “reviewed cases of group of women who belonged to Islamic State. They were of different nationalities including a Turkish and Azeri convicts.” The court “sentenced ten women to life over involvement in terrorism, while a Turkish member was sentenced death.” Moreover, the Central Criminal Court in Baghdad sentenced a German female suspect of Moroccan origins to death over involvement with IS. She admitted to traveling from Germany to Syria then to Iraq as she believed in the Islamic State. She accompanied her two daughters, who were then married to jihadists.

The French woman of IS, Melina Bougedir, will be deported in her country after 7 years in a Iraqi jail

The central criminal court of Iraq, instead, has ordered a French female Islamic State jihadist to her country, after serving a seven-year jail term. Her name is Melina Bougedir and she was arrested last year in Mosul, along with her four children. Three of them have already been repatriated to France, as she stood trial for entering Iraq illegally, according to France 24. Bougedir, who appealed veiled at the court, said that arrived in the country in October 2015, after spending four days in Syria, along with her husband, who was later killed in Iraq.


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