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Yemen, propaganda against the Fifth Fleet by pro-Iran and pro-Houthi groups

Propaganda against the Fifth Fleet by pro-Iran and pro-Houthi groups. Fake profiles accuse and threaten the United States, using in September the photo of a March visit. It is the response to the successes of US anti-smuggling operations in the area

The visit of the commander of the US Fifth Fleet, Admiral Charles Cooper II, to the Al-Mahra governorate of Yemen did not please pro-Iran and Houthi supporters. In fact, the photograph of the meeting, in which the American ambassador to the Arab country also participated, quickly spread on Twitter, accompanied by threats and accusations. First of all, it is stated that “this is not an ordinary visit, but this takes place in the context of US colonialist moves that target Yemen and its population”. Furthermore, it is threatened that “those who think that the Fifth Fleet and its ships will protect Saudi Arabia and others or their oil installations are wrong.” The visit, however, took place on March 2, while the social attacks exploded in the first days of September. Furthermore, the profiles of those who relaunch them are mostly artfully constructed bots. Accordingly, this is a propaganda effort by pro-Houthi and pro-Iran groups, presumably organized following the successes of anti-smuggling operations, which the Fifth Fleet has been achieving in Middle Eastern waters for a year.

Some propaganda posts, spread in September by fake pro-Houthi and pro-Iran profiles

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