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Ukraine, “White Angels” on a mission to save civilians in the Donbass

The “White Angels” of the Ukrainian police on a mission to save civilians in the Donbass. It is a small, unknown army, but it has so far saved over 1,000 people since the Russian invasion began. They operate in small groups and on emergency vehicles, evacuating entire families

In Ukraine there is a small unknown army, which however has a vital mission: they are the “White Angels”, a group of police volunteers who evacuate civilians from villages in war zones, particularly in Donbass. Since the start of the Russian invasion they have already saved over a thousand people and have no intention of stopping. They move in small groups on emergency vehicles to reach each location. They do not attack the Moscow troops, but are ready to fire to defend their precious cargo: often entire families with children. The initiative was born after the first civilians, stranded in the areas of the clashes, contacted the authorities for help. It was not possible to intervene en masse for security reasons. As a result, some members of the police, who were joined by other volunteers over time, had the idea of creating small operational teams, which could move easily and at very short notice.

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