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Ukraine wants a global cyber army against Russia

Ukraine is recruiting hackers from around the world to launch a counter-offensive against Russia over cyber domination. The pro-Kiev cyber army joins the Anonymous volunteers with #OpRussia against Putin

Ukraine is recruiting hackers from around the world to launch a counter-offensive against Russia over cyber domain. This was announced by the deputy premier of Kiev, Mykhailo Fedorov, on his Twitter profile, underlining that anyone can perform a task and asking to refer to the Telegram channel The goal is to create a multinational cyber army divided into two branches: the first, the “blue team”, will help protect the cybersecurity of Ukrainian critical infrastructures. The second, the “red team” will launch attacks on Russian targets. By the way, the Telegram channel has already published a list of targets to be hit in Russia and Belarus, which sided with Moscow on the occasion of the attack. To do so, everything is allowed. From the use of malware to DDoS attacks. The volunteers join the groups formed by the Kiev Ministry of Defense and the Anonymous hactivists, who have declared war on Vladimir Putin with #OpRussia.

Everyone is useful in cyber warfare against Russia and Belarus, not only super hackers are needed. Meanwhile, the big names like Elon Musk, who with Starlink guarantees communications and web connections in Ukraine, are moving, despite Moscow’s attempts to block them

Moreover, Ukraine not only needs hackers or super cybersecurity experts, but also youtubers or simple users. In fact, the goal of cyber warfare against Moscow is not only to damage the enemy, but also to reveal what is really happening. In fact, in the Telegram channel of the international cyber army, advice is also provided on how to report Russian propaganda, so that the social network platforms remove it. It is no coincidence that some big names in the high-tech sector such as Elon Musk have already joined this war. Musk announced that the Starlink satellite internet connection service is now active in Ukraine and that more terminals are on the way. Thanks to it, communications and web connections will remain active in Kiev and the rest of the country, despite Moscow’s attempts to inhibit them.

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