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Ukraine, the sinking of the Moskva is a very hard blow for Russia

The sinking of the Moskva is a very hard blow for Russia. Moscow has no units to replace the cruiser Slava, Marshal Ustinov and Varyag cannot access the Black Sea. The invasion of Odessa could be skipped

The sinking, or at least the damage, of the Russian cruiser Moskva by the Ukrainian forces is a serious blow to Moscow. The plans for the invasion of Odessa, in fact, will necessarily have to be revised, as the underlying asset of the operation has failed. The ship, at best, will need to be repaired before she is operational again. Therefore, it will take time. In the worst case, however, she will no longer be available. In both, however, she will have to be replaced by another naval unit and to date there are not many available of the same type (Slava class or Project 1164 Atlant) or with the same characteristics. There are Marshal Ustinov, in service in the Northern (Arctic) fleet and Varyag in the Pacific one. Both are far away and in any case they cannot move, having to protect Russian interests in the assigned areas. There is also talk of their presence in the Mediterranean for about a week, but even in this case they could not participate in the maneuvers following Turkey’s blockade of access for military ships in the Black Sea.

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