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Ukraine, the school must not stop even in wartime

The school in Ukraine must not stop even in wartime. The Kyiv Ministry of Defense publishes a photo of Professor Shandor teaching his students from the front, in camo and from a mobile phone. This is why Russia will not win

Even in war, the school must not stop: this must be the mantra of Professor Fedir Shandor, immortalized in a photograph published on the Twitter profile of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, while he teaches his students remotely from a mobile phone, while he is at the front. dressed in camouflage and fully armed. The teacher, in fact, is playing his part to defend the country from the invasion of Russia, serving in the Kyiv army. And he does it 1,000 kilometers from home, which is in the West of the nation. Participating in the lessons also allows children to be distracted for a few hours from the horrors they are undergoing. Furthermore, Shandor’s example shows that Ukraine does not surrender to Moscow, not only from a military point of view, but also and above all from a cultural one.

Photo Credits: Defence of Ukraine

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