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Ukraine, the Russian invasion will also have repercussions in Africa

More and more African countries are beginning to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to move closer to the positions of the EU

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is beginning to cause problems for Moscow in Africa, a continent where the Federation through the Wagner group is trying to expand its interests. Ivory Coast has openly sided in favor of EU sanctions. In recent days, Kenya, Ghana had also expressed a similar posture and Nigeria and South Africa have repeatedly asked Vladimir Putin to withdraw his troops from the neighboring country. The only country in countertrend is Mali, with which Moscow has just signed a cooperation agreement. The anti-Russia wave in the quadrant, however, is only just beginning. The analysts, in fact, are waiting to know the positions of the states of North Africa, large importers of wheat from Kiev, which will be heavily penalized by the war with the collapse of supplies that will also cause prices to rise.

African nations, worried about losing funds and assistance, dump Putin. Moscow will lose some of its influence on the continent

A further element of crisis in Africa is given by the fact that, following the strong repercussions that the Ukraine-Russia war will bring to Europe, a large part of international aid to the Continent will necessarily be cut. As a further consequence, attention to the area will decrease and therefore also the use of multinational peacekeeping or peace enforcing forces. African governments know this and are trying to take cover in order not to be abandoned by the European Union and the West in general. As a result, Putin and Russia could experience a sharp decline in their Russian influence in the near future.


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