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Ukraine, the new Russian internal propaganda gaffe passes through submarines

The new gaffe of Russian internal propaganda on Ukraine passes through submarines. A mural in Gadzhievo shows a Los Angeles-class US submarine instead of a Delta

New propaganda gaffe in Russia against Ukraine and the West. In the past few hours a mural of a submarine on the surface, surrounded by waves and clouds, has appeared in Gadzhievo. Presumably, it was created to celebrate the Federation’s new submarine base. Too bad, however, that the drawing does not portray a local submarine, but an American one. To be more precise, it looks like one of the Los Angeles class, however, those who operate right in hunts the Barentz Sea. The gaffe, as reported by the Barentz Observer, sparked the protest of the locals, many of whom were submariners. As a result, the authors had to run for cover by modifying the design to make it look like a Delta-class one and inserted a “Z” on the bow of the turret to reinforce the image.

Just a month ago in Voronetzh an F-18 appeared on a Russian triumphalist poster. What does Putin think?

That of the US submarine replaced by the Russian one is not the only gaffe in Moscow’s propaganda to support the invasion of Ukraine. About a month ago a similar incident occurred in Voronetzh. A large poster was posted in the city in support of Operation “Z”, showing a Russian pilot and a fighter with the triumphal inscription: “The world has been conquered by the Great and will be preserved by us”. Too bad, however, that the aircraft in question did not belong to the Moscow fleet, but was a US F-18 Hornet. This was clearly understood by some exclusive technical characteristics of that machine, also different from its evolution. The gaffes have already made the rounds of the web, causing great laughter, both for the errors and because the models adopted are those of the “bitter enemies”: the United States. Who knows what Vladimir Putin will think, who in addition to the damage has also suffered insult.

Photo Credits: VK

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