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Ukraine, the fight against Putin’s propaganda passes through printers

The fight against Putin’s propaganda on Ukraine passes through the printers. Anonymous hacks thousands of devices across the Federation to tell the truth to the population. There are one million soldiers involved in cyber warfare against Moscow

Anonymous’s latest weapon against the Russian invasion of Ukraine are printers. Anons hacked thousands of devices across the Federation, sending them messages warning the population of what is really happening in the neighboring country and that is being hidden at home following the increasingly stringent government censorship on the web and social networks. average. Furthermore, the action will not be the last in the context of #OpRussia, which is becoming increasingly effective in countering Moscow’s propaganda. According to unofficial sources, in fact, there are over a million people around the world who are giving Vladimir Putin a hard time. About half are members of the IT Army of Ukraine, who have joined the Kyiv call for help. The remainder are pro-Anonymous activists who spoke at the call for the operation.

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