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Ukraine, Syria will pay a high price for the Russian invasion

Syria will pay a high price for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Damascus imports most of the basic necessities from Moscow. But the sanctions will stop them. Assad, for the first time since the Arab Spring, is scared

Syria will pay a very high price following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The sanctions against Moscow, in fact, will put the already bad economic and food situation of the Middle Eastern country in further difficulty. Damascus, also sanctioned by the West for violations of human rights, is totally dependent on the Federation for the import of many basic necessities: from wheat to sugar, passing through cooking oil. All goods that are beginning to be scarce even in Russia and which consequently will no longer be sent abroad until the internal needs are met. Not surprisingly, the Syrian council of ministers had to intervene, approving their rationing, in addition to that of fuel. The situation in the nation, thanks to the foreseeable take-off of inflation, is also destined to worsen in the near future and, for the first time since the “Arab Spring”, Bashar Assad’s regime fears it will not be able to resist.

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