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Ukraine, Russian military wrecks finance the Kyiv army

Russian military wrecks finance the Kyiv army. Worldwide militaria online sales boom of parts of Moscow vehicles and aircraft, destroyed in the war. The funds raised are used to buy drones for Ukraine

The latest fashion to finance the Ukrainian armed forces passes through the online sale of Russian military scrap. These are parts of the equipment of soldiers, vehicles and aircraft, destroyed or abandoned in the course of the clashes. There is something for all tastes: from parts of the SU-34 fighters, offered for a thousand dollars, to fragments from the nacelles of the MI-28 Havoc helicopters. One of the most active sales channels is the Twitter profile of the “Dronesforukraine” fund (@ Drones4Ukr). The market, however, seems very flourishing. All over the world there are thousands of collectors of militaria, who can’t wait to have an otherwise unattainable piece of war. There is also no shortage of simple Kyiv supporters, willing to do anything to support the European country against the aggression of Moscow. In fact, every single cent earned from sales is spent by the Fund to purchase drones for the Ukrainian army.

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