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Ukraine, Russia sends overdue rations to its soldiers (conscripts)

Russia sends overdue rations to its soldiers (conscripts) who fight in Ukraine. Putin has also left the top military assets at home for fear of riots, probably supported by the oligarchs who do not want to lose everything

Russia distributes years-old rations to its soldiers fighting in Ukraine. Anonymous denounces this by showing a video in which the Kiev defense forces, after having seized some of them, discover that they had to be consumed by February 2015. Moscow, however, according to numerous Russian internal sources, in Ukraine employs many conscripts, enlisted with the deception, who did not know they had to leave for the neighboring town. In fact, up to now, President Vladimir Putin has not engaged the top assets of his armed forces, which have remained within national borders. Analysts believe that he wants to have them immediately available to put down any internal riots or riots, probably supported by his oligarchs, who have no intention of losing everything for a war considered useless and harmful.

The video of the rations capture

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