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Ukraine, Russia restricts naval circulation on the Northern Sea Route

Russia restricts naval movement on the Northern Sea Route as a new provocation for international support for Ukraine. According to a new law, only one foreign vessel will be able to pass at a time and notify it 3 months in advance. Also, submarines will have to navigate on the surface

Russia’s new provocation in response to the international community’s support for Ukraine: the Federation Council approved a law limiting freedom of navigation along the Northern Sea Route (NSR). The TASS announced it. According to the law, foreign naval vessels will have to notify Moscow through diplomatic channels of their intention to sail that route three months in advance. This, as the waters involved have been declared “internal”. Furthermore, no more than one foreign military or civilian vessel may pass through the quadrant at a time. The only exceptions are if the vessel is visiting a Russian port. The law also deals with submarines, which will have to navigate on the surface and displaying the national flag. The response from the United States is now awaited, as they have always been supporters of the need to maintain freedom of navigation on the Northern Sea Route.

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