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Ukraine, Russia recruits hackers in prisons to avoid losing the cyber war

Russia recruits hackers in prisons to avoid losing the cyber war. The detainees will formally work for commercial companies, in crisis due to the sanctions. In reality, they will try to stem the IT Cyber ​​Army of Ukraine and Anonymous cyber warfare

Russia wants to recruit hackers from among its inmates to counter the ongoing waves of international attacks launched following the invasion of Ukraine. Several Federation Media as TASS recently reported that the Russian prison service has launched a plan to recruit IT specialists from detention centers. Their formal job would be to work remotely for national commercial companies. Analysts, however, believe that Moscow is looking for new forces to try to stem the effects of what is considered the largest cyber warfare operation in history and the First World Cyber ​​War, in which Russia is alone against a world army made up of volunteers from the IT Cyber ​​Army of Ukraine and members of the Anonymous galaxy, who run # OpRussia. Moreover, exploiting internal skilled labor would also allow Moscow to bypass the limits imposed by international sanctions, which no longer allow the use of foreign specialists from many countries.

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