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Ukraine, Russia prepares for an amphibious assault on Odessa?

Is Russia preparing for an amphibious assault on Odessa? Landing and other Federation ships are heading for the city, but an attack today would be disastrous for Moscow. Is this a move to study the enemy and maintain pressure?

Russia could attempt to launch a full-scale amphibious assault to take Odessa in the next few hours. This was revealed by international sources monitoring the situation in Ukraine. In support of the hypothesis there are the recent movements of Moscow naval assets, including some landing ships, and which are pointing in the direction of the port. On the other hand, there is the fact that in the vicinity of the city there are no Russian ground troops, as these are currently located between Mykolaiv and Kherson, and that the area has been carefully fortified. Consequently, any attack just from the sea would risk causing huge losses to Federation troops, without ensuring the success of the operation. The alternative is that the move can only be a ploy to keep the pressure on Odessa high and assess from a safe distance how the city’s defenses would organize themselves to counter a threat of this type.

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