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Ukraine, Russia launches a double message using Syria

Russia sends a double message on Ukraine using Syria. The first, to Israel, is a threat to reduce its freedom of action in case of “improper” postures. The second, for all, concerns the ability to counter “enemy” technologies

Russia sends a message to the international community and uses Syria to do so. In the past few hours, the Moscow Ministry of Defense has announced that the Russian anti-air defense systems Pantsir-S and S-125, deployed in the southern country, have intercepted three of the five missiles, launched in Latakia by alleged Israeli fighters against some military sites. The message is clear and it is twofold. On the one hand, Moscow wants to communicate to the Jewish state that its freedom of action in Syria is not automatically guaranteed and that it could therefore be drastically reduced if “improper” postures are adopted on Ukraine. On the other hand, however, Russia wants to let everyone know that it’s able to counter even the most modern offensive technologies, such as those of Israel’s missiles, hitherto invisible to Syrian defenses until it was too late.

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