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Ukraine, Russia is increasingly in difficulty and suffers attacks “at home”

Russia is increasingly in difficulty in Ukraine and suffers attacks “at home”. Kyiv forces on at least two occasions hit targets in Belgorod, within the territory of the Federation. The Moscow offensive fall back towards east and Mariupol

Russia, despite all propaganda efforts, is increasingly in trouble in Ukraine. This is confirmed by the fact that the Kyiv counter-offensive is gaining ground and that the local forces have even managed to hit targets within the Federation. Moreover, they have already done so twice in a few days and in the same area: Belgorod. First, they destroyed a large arms and ammunition depot. Then, some fuel tanks. In fact, Moscow has eased the pressure on the capital and in the North, by channeling its assets to the East. The goal in all likelihood is to take Mariupol at all costs. The city, however, is very well defended and morale inside is very high despite the critical situation also on the humanitarian side, unlike that of the Russian soldiers, now on the ground.

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