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Ukraine, Russia has an internal enemy: the different religions of the soldiers

Russia has an internal enemy: the different religions of the soldiers. Escalation of internal conflicts between Moscow troops in Ukraine for reasons of creed. Christian, Jewish and Muslim soldiers, on the other hand, are fighting together for Kyiv

Russia has a new problem linked to the invasion of Ukraine: the boom of tensions, which exploded among the various ethnic groups to which the members of the Moscow army belong. First two Tajiks killed a colonel who had offended the Prophet Muhammad. Then, internal clashes occurred between believers of different religions. Finally, there is violence among the faithful of the same creed. The last episode saw a soldier severely beating a comrade because he prayed outside the scheduled time. The troops of the Federation, poorly equipped and with low morale for the recent defeats suffered, are suffering increasing pressure from both the enemy and their superiors, who cannot afford to communicate the failure of their operations to the top. This situation, combined with widespread ignorance of religious beliefs other than one’s own, is fueling an internal conflict that could lead to uncontrollable outcomes. Conversely, however, Kiev is experiencing the opposite. In other words, Christian, Jewish and Muslim soldiers fighting together to free the country from the Russians.

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