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Ukraine, Russia has a big problem: its troops have low morale

Russia has a big problem in Ukraine: its troops have low morale. Boom of defections and refusals to follow orders. The soldiers also begin killing their commanders. The coup de grace was the sinking of the Orsk

Russia has a big problem in the context of the invasion of Ukraine: the collapse of the morale of its soldiers as a result of the unexpected defense capabilities of the enemy and the high losses suffered. In recent days there has been a boom in defections with entire units fleeing the battlefield. Several troops refused to carry out the commanders’ orders and, in at least one case, even killed them following heavy defeats. Further fueling the stress was the sinking of the Russian landing ship Orsk in the port of Berdyansk (Sea of ​​Azov), considered unassailable, at the hands of the forces of Kyiv. The Orsk was essential for the advance south and in particular for the conquest of Mariupol, as it carried vehicles and supplies. As a result, Moscow’s soldiers are now stranded and with limited resources. Furthermore, they fear that the episode could repeat itself when a new ship arrives in the area.

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