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Ukraine, Russia could suffer a hard hit with Wagner base destruction

Russia could suffer a hard hit with Wagner base destruction. There is talk of a number of 200-300 dead contractors. Some also say that Prigozhin himself could be among the victims

Russia could suffer a severe blow in Ukraine, at least from an image point of view. The base of the Wagner group in the Kadiivki stadium was attacked and practically destroyed by the Kyiv forces. Local sources speak of a number of dead contractors between 200 and 300. Some also say that Yevgeny Prigozhin himself, founder of the group and a person very close to Vladimir Putin, so much so that he was nicknamed ” the chef”, could be found inside the structure. At the moment, however, there is no official information on the matter. On the other hand, the destruction of a large ammunition depot inside the base is certain. It triggered a series of very strong explosions, which affected the entire infrastructure.

Mercenaries are among the finest assets used against Kiev. Furthermore, they are Moscow’s armed wing abroad

Wagner mercenaries are considered among the best trained and best equipped Russian military and, if the death toll of the attack on the Kadiivki base were confirmed, for Putin it would be a double blow: on the one hand, he would lose valuable assets, just when his troops have the advantage. On the other hand, he would suffer damage to his image on a global level. This is because Moscow employs its contractors in numerous operations around the world, primarily in the Middle East and Africa.

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