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Ukraine, Russia begins to have problems in Syria too

Russia is also starting to have problems in Syria. Failed Federation strikes on a Jayish Al-Izza base in Idlib. Someone had tipped off. However, an action of “friendly fire” is assumed

Russia, after Ukraine, is also beginning to have problems in Syria. In the past few hours, Federation fighters have carried out four strikes on a military base of the Jayish Al-Izza group (The Army of Glory) north of Idlib. The toll was only two wounded militiamen and the destruction of the square. This, even if a few hours earlier, a drill with 200 members of the group was underway inside the structure. The failure of the raids was attributed by several local sources to a tip made to the formation shortly before the attack began, allowing the men to escape. Some, however, even speculate that it was Damascus agents who helped the militiamen. In this regard, however, there are no confirmations. It is certain, however, that Russia is beginning to see the birth of new enemies, even among the ranks of historical allies, which sooner or later could create problems for its military bases and troops in the Middle Eastern country.

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