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Ukraine, Russia also use conscripts from Africa

Russia is also deploying conscripts from Africa in Ukraine. Two students from Zambia and Tanzania killed in the fighting. They had been recruited by Wagner in Federation prisons. They are not isolated cases

Russia also sends African citizens to fight in Ukraine. The confirmation comes from the funeral of a Zambian student who died after being drafted by the Wagner group in a Federation prison. The news was reported by The young man had gone to Moscow to study nuclear engineering, but he was later arrested for drug-related offenses and sentenced to nine years in prison. In prison, finally, he had been recruited by contractors and sent to Ukraine., where he allegedly lost his life last September. The same fate, moreover, was suffered by a student from Tanzania, who was also conscripted while serving a prison sentence. The two cases do not seem isolated. According to intelligence sources, dozens of young Africans died in Ukraine while fighting for Russia. They would all be boys, detained for various reasons, with little or no combat experience, sent to the front lines to “make mass”.

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