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Ukraine, Putin increases the pressure by recognizing the Donbass

Putin increases the pressure by recognizing the Donbass. Russia has already silently and de facto annexed Belarus. One solution to stop the crisis could be Kiev’s accession to the EU

Russia increases pressure on Ukraine by recognizing Luhansk and Donetsk, the two breakaway regions in Donbass. This was announced by President Vladimir Putin in a video conference after the Security Council, explaining that the hypothesis was widely supported by the government and the institutions of the Federation. In addition to the pressure, the annexation, in fact and in silence, of Belarus is added. The Chief of Defense of Minsk, Viktor Gulevich, as reported by the BelTa agency, said in fact that the troops of Moscow will remain in his country as long as necessary. The reference is to the fact that about 30,0000 Federation soldiers will remain in Belarus, despite the end of bilateral military exercises. A solution, however, could come from the EU. According to various sources, the option of offering Ukraine membership of the bloc is under discussion in the Foreign Affairs Council (EWC). At that point it would become more complex and risky for Russia to attack the nation.

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