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Ukraine: Operation Sidewinder hit Russian routers, servers and switches

Operation Sidewinder attacks Russian routers, servers and switches. It was launched by Team OneFist, a member of the IT Army of Ukraine, which also helps the Kyiv troops to track down their enemies with OSINT

It’s called Operation Sidewinder and it targets Russian Edge routers, servers and switches in order to neutralize them. It was launched by the hacker group Team OneFist, deployed alongside Ukraine with the IT Army of Ukraine. Thanks to the maxi offensive, divided into six sub-operations, 731 servers of the Federation were compromised in just over 48 hours. These also include those of the national telecommunications company Rostelecom. In parallel, the same hactivists hit some industrial Power Logic Controllers (PLCs), destroying at least five of them. Team OneFist, in addition to launching waves of disruptive cyber attacks, also helps the troops on the ground to identify the coordinates of the enemy assets, thanks to its OSINT experts. In April, however, it had launched another cyber warfare operation against Moscow: the Op Dark Fiber, which had blocked about 4,500 routers.

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