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Ukraine, #OpAnonIta takes over 1,000 Russian targets offline in 6 months

#OpAnonIta has put offline over 1,000 Russian targets since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine

More than a thousand Russian institutional and commercial websites have been hit and put offline by #OpAnonIta, part of Anonymous Italia, since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. This was announced by the hactivists themselves, who have opened a website that contains all the targets put offline since February 24, 2022. They range from those for the recruitment of soldiers for Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” to the Kremlin. The Anons have divided them by category, explaining what each one represents. The technique is always the same: waves of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which have blocked targets for periods of between two and twelve consecutive hours. The most significant damage was suffered by the armed forces, heavily penalized not only online, but also physically. Just think of the fact that in many areas of the Federation recruitments had to be interrupted several times due to the lack of internet connection, necessary for bureaucratic operations.

Anon’s DDoS are stronger than Moscow’s cybersecurity

The attacks by #OpAnonIta, however, were successful despite the Moscow cybersecurity experts knowing in advance the type of threat to be faced, as this has remained unchanged: DDoS. This can be explained as a result of two elements: on the one hand, the Anon use constantly evolving techniques: consequently, it becomes extremely difficult to prevent and counter them. On the other hand, Russia suffers too many attacks every day, moreover from many fronts at the same time, to be able to defend itself adequately. Not even the Moscow proxies are able to stem the biggest cyber warfare offensive ever against a single country. The only way to stop it is to stop the invasion of Ukraine.

Cyber ​​warfare against Putin will only stop when he stops violence in Ukraine

“Five months after the start of hostilities in Ukraine – underlines #OpAnonIta -, there have been 13,477 wounded and fallen (UN sources). Among the victims it is estimated, by default, 586 children injured and 356 killed: 16% under the age of 5 (source Save The Children). Consistent with its ideals, the collective of Italian hackers has chosen to stubbornly respond to gratuitous brutality, terror, continuous blackmail, in the name of independence and respect for the freedom of civil rights “. The response resulted in “offensives against government sites, banks, transport companies and mass media, accused of grim disinformation propaganda”, the Anon added, recalling that their efforts are part of the larger #OpRussia operation, by the Anonymous galaxy, and that will continue until Putin stops the violence.

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