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Ukraine-NATO, Russia includes civilian ships into military maritime disposal

Russia includes civilian ships into military maritime disposal. The decision is part of the revision of military doctrine, necessary to counter the “hybrid war of the West” against Moscow. Objective: to protect the Oceans and the Arctic

Russia, in the light of the conflict in Ukraine and the consequent reshaping of NATO, must review its maritime military doctrine. This was announced by the first deputy minister of the Federation, Yuri Borisov, during a meeting of the Moscow Naval Committee. The politician stressed that “in the context of a total hybrid war of the whole West against our country, modern Russia cannot exist without a strong fleet”. In this context, the military ships will be joined by civilian ones and their crews who will be included in the Navy infrastructure in a state of readiness in the eventual need for their mobilization. In this way, Moscow will be able to count on several fishing vessels already present in the oceans and international waters, including icebreakers operating in the Arctic. Moreover, Russia has been using civilian boats for a long time for different purposes, such as espionage and stealth activities.

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