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Ukraine, Italy is asking its citizens to leave Russia

Italy is also asking its citizens to leave Russia. The embassy in Moscow issues a note in which the “most recent evolution of the international context” and the growing difficulties in connections leaving the country are underlined

The Italian embassy in Russia, joining other Western diplomatic offices such as the US and UK, invites compatriots to leave the Federation. Its website reports it. The text specifies that, “given the most recent evolution of the international context and the growing difficulty in air and road connections out of Russia, compatriots present in Russia are recommended to evaluate whether the stay is necessary and, if not, to leave the country “. By the way, note that “it is becoming progressively more difficult to travel by air from the Federation to Italy and other third countries. In particular, there has been a dizzying increase in the already high cost of tickets sold by airlines these days and there are reports of long queues at some border crossings that connect the Russian Federation with some neighboring countries”.

Putin’s reactions to the fact that the Kyiv forces will not stop the offensive despite the annexation of the territories are feared

The recommendations of the Western embassies were released on the eve of Vladimir Putin’s announcement about the outcomes of the farce referendum on annexation to Russia, held in Lugask, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia. It is feared, in fact, that in the next few hours there may be unrest in the Federation that could involve foreign citizens. Furthermore, it is not clear what Moscow’s reaction will be to the refusal of the international community to recognize the referendums and the consequent annexation of the territories to the Federation and in particular to the fact that the Ukrainian forces will hardly stop carrying out the offensive in those territories despite being declared Russian soil.

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