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Ukraine, Ireland “declares war” on Russia

Ireland “declares war” on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine. Dublin calls for more EU sanctions against Moscow and closes its airspace. Meanwhile, the population kicked the Russian ambassador’s car

Ireland “declares war” on Russia for the invasion of Ukraine and does so on all fronts: from the political / diplomatic one to the spontaneous one of the population. On the first side, Dublin closed the airspace to Federation flights and asked the EU to agree on new far-reaching sanctions. On the second, however, an angry crowd took to the street in front of the Russian embassy in Ireland and, after sprinkling it with Ukrainian flags, literally kicked the car of the ambassador who was trying to enter the building. Moreover, the diplomatic seat itself has a strong symbolic value in this crisis. Security sources, cited by various media, claim that this is used as a basis for communications and intelligence operations in Europe. In practice, it would be the headquarters of Russian espionage on the Old Continent. As a result, it is highly likely that she is somehow involved in what is happening further east.

The video of the assault on Russian ambassador’s car in Dublin

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