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Ukraine, has Russia lost its second T-90 M in a few days?

Has Russia lost its second T-90m in a few days in Ukraine? It would have been eliminated by a Carl Gustav launcher. For Moscow double punch: the super modern tank was destroyed by an old weapon and there are few available

Russia would have lost another super modern T-90 M tank in Ukraine, the second in a few days. This was announced by the Kyiv Ministry of Defense, according to which the vehicle was destroyed by local forces thanks to a Carl Gustav launcher, donated by Sweden together with other systems and equipment to counter the invasion of Moscow troops. If the news was confirmed, it would be a very hard blow to Russia. Both because an ultra-modern weapon was eliminated by an “old” system (the first version was born in 1948) and because the availability of these tank is extremely limited (we speak of less than 200 machines in all) and the times to replace them They are very long and expensive, given the complexity of the systems adopted. Moreover, the lack of raw materials such as rare lands, derived from international sanctions, will further complicate operations with strong risks of delays or blocks.

The video of the supposed tank destruction

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