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Ukraine, Belarusian railway workers fight alongside Kyiv

Belarusian railway workers fight alongside Kyiv. Minsk volunteers help sabotage railway infrastructure to prevent Russian soldiers from receiving supplies and equipment

Not everyone in Belarus is an enemy of Ukraine. On the contrary. Some try to help the country’s forces to counter the invasion of Russia. This is the case of the railway workers in Minsk, who are sabotaging the links between the two nations to prevent Moscow troops from receiving trains of supplies and equipment. They also appear to have contributed to the Kyiv special forces operation to completely disrupt the railway line between the two states, explaining to the commandos exactly where to strike to cause irreparable damage in the short term. In addition, they themselves allegedly blew up a bridge near the border to further block rail transport. Russian propaganda tried to run for cover, claiming that the operation was intended to block possible international aid arriving in Ukraine. The hoax, however, did not last long as it would be impossible to send goods from Belarus, an ally of Moscow, to its enemy.

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