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Ukraine, Anonymous targets Russia’s satellites with Falling Star

Anonymous targets Russia’s satellites with Falling Star. The operation aims to disable them or make them fall on the ground of the Federation. The Anon, by hacking Roscosmos, have already shown that the threat is real

Anonymous Launches Operation Falling Star (#OpFallingStar) to eliminate Russian Satellites. The group announced on Twitter, addressing the UN and NATO with a message stating that it is time to really act, as Russia is preparing for a second wave of attacks in Ukraine and negotiating no longer makes sense. The goal would be to inhibit or drop satellites on Russian soil. By the way, the Anons explain that there are two options: disable them or start the return protocols to an approximate area. The problem, however, is that when the devices come into contact with the atmosphere they will probably destroy themselves and there is no way to control where the debris will fall. Anonymous in the recent past had sent a clear message to Moscow by hacking the control center of Roscosmos, the Russian Space Agency. On that occasion, the servers had only been crashed. However, this proved that the Anon are able to easily penetrate its cyber defenses. Consequently, the threat is real.

The Falling Star video

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