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Ukraine, Anonymous Italia declares war on Putin’s megaphone: Solovyëv

Anonymous Italia declares war on Putin’s megaphone: Solovyëv. Volunteers launch a total campaign to damage him where he is believed to be safest: in Russia. The goal is to hit him to get to Mad Vlad

Anonymous Italia declares war on Vladimir Putin’s megaphone: Vladimir Solovyëv. This was announced by the volunteers themselves, recalling that in recent days he had been engaged in sinking the pro-Russia group of Killnet, responsible for a wave of DDoS attacks against Italy. By the way, the Anons remember that these are “kids” who, after being defeated, have changed targets by focusing on Germany, Poland and Romania, as well as Ukraine. Anonymous Italia therefore offers to provide help if necessary to the “brothers” of the nations involved in the cyber warfare offensive. At the same time, the volunteers decided to launch a campaign against Solovyëv, certain to hit Putin as well. The journalist, however, has various interests in Italy, such as two villas on Lake Como, and has been hit by international sanctions. However, the cyber offensive risks causing him greater damage, right where he thinks he is safest: at home.

Anonymous Italia’s video announcement

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