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Ukraine, Anonymous cyber warfare against Russia becomes more aggressive

Anonymous cyber warfare against Russia becomes more aggressive. Ghost Sec claims maxi explosion at Gysinoozerskaya hydroelectric power station. The Anons hit the ICS with precise timing to avoid casualties

Cyber ​​warfare, which the Anonymous galaxy launched against Russia following the invasion of Ukraine, changes pace and becomes more destructive. It does so thanks to the Ghost Sec collective which, with a DDoS attack, caused a gigantic explosion at the Gysinoozerskaya hydro-electric power plant. The group of hactivists claimed responsibility for the action, stressing that they had hit the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and had adopted a precise timing, so that there were no victims. The ICS were attacked by a DDoS botnet and by zombie computers, which thanks to some backdoors infiltrated the system and took control of it. As a result, the Anons gained access to the network and ICS. In the last month, however, there have been several mysterious explosions at structures in Russia, the causes of which have never been clarified.

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