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UK, Theresa May declares war to fake news creating an ad hoc task force

Uk, Theresa May declares war to fake news by creating an ad hoc task force.

The UK government has declared was to fake news. The executive of Prime Minister Theresa May is creating a special team whose only duty will be to fight this phenomenon. Composition and the specific tasks of the team are still unknown for security reasons and convenience. But what is certain is that the work of experts will begin as soon as possible. Mrs May herself has, however, in the past accused Russia to try to transform news into a weapon.  This was done by using state press agencies to circulate fake stories and photoshopped pictures. Their aim, stressed the british prime minister, is “to try to sow discord in Western countries and undermine our institutions”. But active individuals at national level are not the only ones to use fake news. Also terrorist organizations, like Isis in the first place, transformed fake news into a weapon for a wider diffusion of their propaganda.

The London goals, according to the spokesman of Prime Minister

A spokesman of the UK Prime Minister, as Reuters reported, gave the press more details on the task force against fake news. He did this on the occasion of a meeting of the British National Security Council: “we live in an era of fake news and competitive fiction “- he explained. “The government will respond with a greater and better use of national secirity intelligence to confront these complex interconnected challenges. We will use existing instruments and create a national communications unit focused on security. This unit will have the task to fight disinformation made by state actors and others, sistematically discourage our rivals and help us attain the priority of national security.” One of these tasks altjough unofficially, was to contrast propaganda, online recruitment and radicalization of Isis.

The fight against fake news is not only by means of a team of experts, but also through laws. There is more awareness of the fact that Ad hoc laws are needed

Against fake news, the UK government is thinking of a new law. At present, though, there still haven’t been concrete discussions yet. On the same line also several Usa politicians, while France has already started to outline. It is a law which will  make sponsored news more transparent and make it possible for the institutions to eliminate false ones. Germany, instead, has already adopted one recently. This law punishes with fines upto 50 millions of euros those owners of social media who don’t fight properly disinformation and incitation to hatred on their web-based platforms.

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