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Twitter users victims of a big prank. Tens of thousands of profiles blocked

Tens of thousands Twitter user profiles has been blocked. They set 2007 as their birth date to get new colors, but it was a prank. And the social media has banned them, as they result “under 13 years”

A lot of Twitter users have fallen into a prank, which is likely to cost them very dear. In recent days on the Web there was a rumor that it was possible to change the color scheme on social media. This, provided that the date of birth of the subscriber was in 2007. In tens of thousands made the change on their profile, but things did not go as they should. In fact, the platform immediately blocked them. This is because the minimum age to register is 13 years and they were 12 years old. Result: Twitter support has been overwhelmed by tons of account reactivation requests. It was the company itself that denounced the phenomenon, asking users not to fall into deception and, if they have already done so, follow the procedure, which in any case will take time.

The fake news has become viral in no time. Those who fell into the trap were twice victims. If it hadn’t been for the GDPR, nothing would have happened. Now the activation times are very long, following the numerous requests

It is not clear who spread fake news on Twitter. The fact is that the alleged “joke” in short has become viral, with tens of thousands of raises on the social platform and as many blocked profiles. The victims of the “prank”, however, have been doubly unlucky. If they had changed the date of birth of their accounts last year, perhaps nothing would have happened. Instead, with the entry into force of the European Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), things have changed. Twitter, in fact, was forced to limit membership to those at least 13 years old, starting to block all those who did not respect the basic criterion. Now, for those who find themselves in this situation, the only solution is to send a copy of their ID to the social media and wait. Even months according to some, due to the large amount of information to be processed.

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