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Turkey, Erdogan in the crosshairs of Arab World intelligence

Erdogan ends up in the crosshairs of the intelligence of the Arab world, who work on a coalition to stop Turkey. The head of the 007 Egyptians flies to Syria after visiting some countries including Tunisia, Algeria and eastern Libya

Recep Tayyip Erdogan must pay attention not only to Syria, but also to the rest of the Arab region. In recent days, as the Al-Watan newspaper reports, the head of Egyptian intelligence Abbas Kamel flew to Damascus for a secret visit. The senior official met with the director of the National Security Bureau, General Ali Mamlouk, with whom he discussed recent developments in the Middle Eastern country and Turkey’s Spring Shield operation. Moreover, Kamel had made other similar short missions in various countries including Tunisia, Algeria and eastern Libya. The goal seems is to create an intelligence coalition in the region to counter Ankara expansionist aims. Especially after the latest statements by Erdogan, filtered through the media, on the proposal to Russia to co-manage the oil fields in Deir Ezzor, currently controlled by the Kurdish SDF.

Meanwhile, Erdogan proposes to Russia to acquire control of oil in Deir Ezzor, removing it from the Kurds, to rebuild Syria. The option is, however, unachievable

It was Erdogan himself who announced it to journalists, returning from his trip to Brussels where he met with EU and NATO leaders. “I made an offer to Putin: if he provides financial support, we will be able to rebuild and, through oil, help Syria to get back on its feet,” he said according to Reuters. “Rather than making terrorists benefit from it, we would have the opportunity to rebuild Syria through revenue. This – he concluded – will also show who protects the unity of the nation and who does not. ” However, this hypothesis is impossible for Turkey at least for the moment. Even with a placet from Russia. In fact, the infrastructures at Deir Ezzor are not only controlled by the SDF, but also protected by Inherent Resolve. Furthermore, the Kurds will never agree to leave them, moreover to a country considered enemy and “invader”. The only alternative would be a military operation, but this too is unworkable.

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