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The Islamic State introduces the “blow up or get out” policy

The chiefs (sheikh) of the Islamic State will be turned into suicide bombers if they make too many mistakes

The Islamic State has adopted a new strategy for its leaders, called “blow up or get out”. It is a strategy linked to promotions, according to various sources related to the Daesh. This establishes that if leaders at various levels (sheikh) were to receive 3 negative evaluations out of 5, related to their action, they should be forced to become suicide bombers (shahid), as reported by the Duffelblog. The objective of the terrorists is to gradually eliminate the unfit and find new talents. Especially in a moment like this one, in which at military level constant defeats are reported in all the areas of operations. This combined also with the international campaigns to contrast the jihadist propaganda, moreover, has reduced noticeably the new recruitments. And together with these also the pool of new bombers. Therefore, for Isis it is mandatory to find new sources as soon as possible, as, at this day, it still represents the best weapon against the enemies.

The measure has led to quite a lot of discontent within the Daesh. Both among those who risk to be subjected to it as well as among the shahid, who consider their mission as sacred

The measure of the heads of the Islamic State seems to have crested much discontent within the group. Both from military commanders and from chiefs of suicide bombers of the Daesh. The first think that the measures are exceedingly punitive, because bad performances (that is defeats on the field or failures of actions) are not always only due to the scarce ability or errors. But due to a series of external factors, often not dependent from their will. The others instead do not want to see “sacredness” of their mission diminished, as martyrdom is considered the highest form of war against the infidels. The arrival of elements recruited with violence would “soil” this. Without counting that the low or no motivation at all could bring more problems to Isis instead of success.

The new strategy will bring changes in Isis. However, not necessarily positive ones. The risk is of new internal clashes and changes in the attacks

The new strategy within the Islamic State will anyhow have two results. First of all new clashes inside the Daesh, with possible further escapes of commanders and of their men. Moreover, if enacted, it could cause a change in the mode of operation of attacks, with an increased use of remote trigger men to be sure of success. Probably the new shahid will be tied to vehicles and drugged or fooled. In fact these will not be willing to blow themselves up so as a consequence they will try to escape and save their lives. Even at the cost of betraying Isis.

The Duffelblog article on the new Daesh policy

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