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The Georgetown University exposes Daesh on Telegram

The Program on Extremism: On Telegram between June 1 2017 and May 1 2018 there were at least 689 pro-Islamic State english channels. The most popular had 3,891 members who shared mostly photos, files and links. Video and audio files are shared less

There are at least 689 Telegram pro-Islamic State (IS) channels that contained English-language propaganda. It has been discovered Program on Extremism researchers, who tracked, analyzed, and coded them from June 1 2017 to May 1 2018. The Program provides analysis on issues related to violent and non-violent extremism, to develop pragmatic policy solutions that resonate with policymakers, civic leaders, and the general public. In relation on Daesh social media channels, they found that the most popular had 3,891 members while the average members was 156. Furthermore, 65,2% of the channels were private (invite only) and 34,8 public. Inside them, IS supporters shared 56,230 photos, 23,048 files and documents, 18,161 links, 10,084 videos, 3,308 audio recordings and 622 voice messsages.

The main topics of the pro-Daesh sympathizers are campaigns in Iraq and Syria, followed by cybersecurity and Information Security. Lone Wolves attacks are in the last place

On pro-Islamic State Telegram channels the main topics discussed are IS military activities in Syria and Iraq (57%). Then, Daesh affiliates’ activities in other areas of the world (43), news and events in Europe and North America (16), cybersecurity or information security (14), Isis non-military activities as infrastructure and governance (12) and finally IS attacks in Europe or North America (10). Moreover, the 37% of the social media channels shared links to other pro-IS Telegram channels and 35% shared religious material in english. Among the members. the five most-used external file-sharing sites are,,, and

The Program of the Georgetown University has dispelled some fale myths and unveiled new details on the Isis online supporters

What emerged from the George Washington University study on the Telegram channels reveals some important concepts on the Islamic State and dispel false myths. First of all, the Daesh campaigns in Iraq and Syria continue to be the main topics for Isis sympathizers. The operations in Afghanistan and Libya, despite more clamor in the media, are in the background compared to the first ones. Furthermore, there is a marginal focus on the attacks of lone wolves. They are immediately claimed, but there is little discussion on the social media compared to other issues. Instead, there is more fear for their own safety and security, following the spread of jihadist propaganda, as confirmed by the data on cybersecurity and information security discussions.

The IS online propaganda is made mainly by photo, files, documents and links. Videos, audio recordings and voice messages spread less for connection and sharing problems

Finally, the analysis of pro-Islamic State Telegram channels confirms that supporters of the Daesh are scattered in various areas of the world. Even in some where the Internet and social media fight with slow connections. This is highlighted by the fact that photos, documents and links are the most shared material. This, despite there is more rewarding propaganda content in terms of penetration such as video, audio recordings and voice messages. The reason is simple: the first group weighs less than the second and as a result it’s sharing is faster and more certain. Both to outside and to other pro-Isis channels.

The Program on Extremism Infographic on IS english channels on Telegram

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