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Terrorism, UNOCT: Beware of ISIS, it has not yet been defeated

UNOCT: Isis remains a concrete threat, they are only in Iraq and Syria, but also in the rest of the world. The Islamic State was militarily defeated in the two countries, but still has very active networks

Isis still remains a real threat in Iraq, Syria and globally, even though it was defeated militarily two years ago. This was denounced by Vladimir Voronkov, under secretary at the UN for the Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT). He reminded the UN Security Council that the Islamic State “exploits its affiliates and inspired attacks”. In addition, “it has an estimated residual wealth of up to three hundred million dollars”. The military defeat of Daesh was a watershed, which put an end to the dystopia of the “Caliphate”. But the fall of Baghuz, the last stronghold of the jihadists in Syria, “was not a fatal blow”. IS, in fact, “continues to evolve through a secret network”. This is the same pattern that has been seen in Iraq since 2017: terrorists continue their activities to counter the attempts to normalize the country and the reconstruction efforts. Especially along the borders with Kurdistan.

Voronkov: Daesh in Africa and Asia is a growing threat

The danger of Isis in Africa is also growing. The senior UNOCT official pointed out that there is “a significant increase in recruitment and violence linked to the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda”, especially in the west of the continent. The West Africa “Wilayat” (ISWAP) has now become one “of the strongest affiliated with Daesh”, boasting about 4,000 fighters, especially in G5 Sahel area (ISGS). Moreover, this is followed by East with other countries hitherto considered “peaceful” such as Mozambique, which sees a massive increase in recruitment and funds for jihadists, thanks to a series of facilitators from South Africa. Not even Asia is immune to IS. Rather. According to Voronkov there are tens of thousands of fighters on the continent and, unlike in other areas, women play a more active role not limited to indoctrination. They are the ones who carry out attacks, especially against places of worship.

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