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Terrorism, the Islamic State between Iraq and Syria suffers a severe blow


The Islamic State between Iraq and Syria suffers a severe blow. The ISF arrest an ex ISIS commander, who managed the jihadists’ escapes from the Al-Hol camp in Hasaka and the transfers to the neighboring country. He is the fourth IS leader captured in 2 weeks

The ISF dealt a severe blow to the Islamic State between Syria and Iraq: they arrested the IS commander, responsible for transferring the families of jihadists fleeing from Al-Hol (Hasaka) prison to the neighboring country. The man, on the list of the most wanted former ISIS terrorists, was captured in a targeted raid in Nineveh and in particular in the Jaghifi area in the Sinjar district. No details have been provided on his identity, but he is believed to be a leading figure on the side of the logistic and group support networks between the two nations. His arrest, coupled with recent Kurdish SDF operations in the Syrian province, will make it much more difficult for fundamentalists to flee the camp and cross borders. Moreover, this is the fourth leader of the Islamic State, captured by the ISF in just two weeks.

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