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Terrorism, Syria has become a large Captagon factory

Syria has become a large Captagon factory. Former ISIS militiamen produce the amphetamine, the “fighter’s drug”, and sell it abroad via Jordan. In 2022, more than 17 million pills were seized

Syria has become a huge drug factory: in particular of Captagon, an amphetamine known as the “fighter’s drug” or the “cocaine of the poor”. This was denounced by various international experts, according to whom there is not only the Islamic State that controls foreign trade, but also figures within the regime of Bashar Assad. Jordanian authorities, which have declared war on drug trafficking, estimate that there are about 160 groups operating in the south of the country in this sector. They are organized partly as small armies and partly as organized crime. Amman, confirming the extent of the phenomenon, announced that in 2022 it intercepted over 17 million pills, compared to 15.5 million seized in 2021 and 1.4 million discovered the previous year. The receipts are used to finance the former ISIS terrorists, the producers of the Captagon, and their international distribution network.

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