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Terrorism, Isis targets Israel: If true, it would be suicide

Isis changes strategy and targets Israel, together with the USA

Isis changes strategy, urging followers to hit Israel. Hamzah Al-Qurayshi, the spokesmen for the Islamic State, recently announced it, adding that “the Americans and the crusaders are wrong to declare that Daesh has been defeated in the region”. Therefore, all jihadists must target the United States and the Jewish state. “We have started a new phase in the war against you – he underlined -. The eyes of the Caliphate soldiers are everywhere and are already looking towards Bayt Al-Maqdis (Jerusalem). In the coming days – he continued – there will be events that will make you forget the horror you saw with the old leaders: Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, Abu Omar Al-Baghdadi and Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi “. In addition, he called on “Caliphate soldiers everywhere, especially in the beloved Syria and Sinai”, to target Israeli settlements and markets. “Raise them to the ground to test your weapons and chemical rockets.”

For the Islamic State, the choice of the new enemy could be suicide

For Isis, choosing Israel as a target, however, can prove fatal. First of all, the new “enemy” has “rules of engagement” on terrorism very different from those of western countries. As a result, there will be no hesitation whatsoever about hitting targets related to the Islamic State anywhere. In addition, the Jewish State is equipped with cutting-edge technology and one of the best intelligence networks in the world, which allow it to detect and track any growing threat. This is confirmed by the numerous strikes in Syria against pro-Iran groups, which occurred several times and without the defenses of Damascus noticing. Finally, the “revenge” effect should not be forgotten. Every time Israel has been hit, Israel has always reacted by eliminating the source of danger (including inspirers), even after a long time. Consequently, a possible attack in the country or its interests is very likely to trigger an unprecedented manhunt. Can Daesh afford it?

The IDF have long predicted such an event. Also, would local jihadist groups accept Daesh’s external interference? Northern Syria, Libya and Afghanistan suggest no

Moreover, Israel for years has been monitoring Isis “closely”, precisely in relation to a threat such as that proposed by Al-Qurashi. Mossad knows names, places and movements within the Islamic State, where operating agents could have been infiltrated. In addition, it is tracing the logistics and financing networks. Both in the Middle East and in other countries and regions. Therefore, the Jewish state has already prepared for the eventuality. So, if Daesh really decided to target it, he would immediately play at a distinct disadvantage. The best “weapon” of the jihadists are lone wolves, but which nevertheless have an extremely limited capacity. This was due to the stringent security measures put in place by the ISF to counter pro-Palestinian terrorism. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that local jihadist groups will accept “foreign” interference on their territory. Northern Syria, Libya and Afghanistan are emblematic in this regard.

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