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Terrorism, Isis suffers severe blows in Syria and Iraq

The SDF and Inherent Resolve destroyed several Isis training camps in the Badia desert in Deir Ezzor. The Coalition confirms that jihadists here are training and planning attacks not only in eastern Syria

The SDF and Inherent Resolve dealt a severe blow to Isis in Eastern Syria. They did so with a targeted operation in the Badia al-Sham desert on the border with Iraq, where some important IS training camps were destroyed, where large concentrations of jihadists were located. The area, as Colonel Wayne Marotto, spokesman for the Coalition, says, offers environments in which terrorists can thrive. Furthermore, the former Daesh uses these spaces to train its militiamen and plan attacks in the region and abroad. This is confirmed by the continuing raids by fundamentalists west of Deir Ezzor, which mainly target the Syrian army (SAA) and allied groups. The latest has caused 17 deaths and 35 wounded among the soldiers, who – despite the support of Russia – are unable to neutralize the original threat.

In Iraq, the ISF arrest 25 IS militiamen in Nineveh and a commander in Baghdad. This was in charge of the intelligence of the former Daesh of Fallujah

Even in Iraq it did not go better for Isis. The ISF made several arrests during the last maxi operation north of Baghdad. Over 25 jihadists have been captured in Nineveh in a series of targeted raids. In addition, 20 command centers were destroyed in Diyala with the collaboration of Inherent Resolve, while in the capital local forces found an IS commander and his brother. The leader of the terrorists, named Abu Salem al-Mawla, was in the branch of terrorist intelligence in Fallujah. The two, in fact, were followed from here to Dora, where the arrest took place. The man, moreover, was responsible for several attacks both against Iraqi soldiers and against the population, which recently occurred in the quadrant.

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