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Terrorism, Isis launches a propaganda campaign on jihadists prisoners


Isis launches the propaganda campaign “We have not forgotten you” on the jihadists prisoners. Objective: to counter the attacks of other jihadist groups, which accuse IS of having abandoned its women and children

Isis launches the propaganda campaign “We have not forgotten you”, aimed at jihadists and their families detained in prisons in various countries. Objective: to reassure the captive militiamen that their comrades will sooner or later free them. In support of the thesis, the past evasions and liberations of some of members are cited. As jihadism expert Mina Al-Lami explains, this is above all an operation for internal use. Numerous women of the group, wives or terrorists themselves, are being held in prisons in Iraq and Syria, used as a “weapon” by rival formations to undermine the credibility of IS. The Islamic State, in fact, is accused of having abandoned them with the children. As a result, discontent among terrorists is growing and there is a risk of defections for the benefit of others.

The Islamic State is increasingly in trouble in Iraq and Syria and cannot afford to lose more weight and men

Daesh in Iraq and Syria is increasingly in difficulty. On the one hand, due to the growing pressure suffered by SDF-ISF and Inherent Resolve, which have multiplied the operations against the operative cells, the logistic networks and the IS leadership. On the other hand, the Covid-19 emergency has weakened the ranks of the group and made it more difficult to operate in the shadows, hidden among the population. These two elements have already led to a first result: the decrease in resources available to jihadists. The confirmation comes from the resumption of extortion against the inhabitants of rural areas, with the excuse of zakat. This is a sign that the traditional financing activities of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are no longer sufficient. Or at least they no longer allow to reach all the groups, which have begun to “fend for themselves” to survive.

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